It’s International Coffee Day!

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Welcome to the first-ever International Coffee Day, on October 1st. Rather than honoring beans on many days, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) encouraged growers, exporters, importers and retailers to celebrate together. We decided to focus on the bean’s impact.

Big supply, big demand

Coffee is big business. The ICO reports that 141.7 million bags, containing 60 kilograms each, were produced from August 2014 through July 2015. On the demand side, some 149.2 million bags were consumed during 2014 and are forecasted to grow about two percent next year. (Find other trade stats here.)

Who are the biggest consumers? Euromonitor International says the United States consumed 6.8 lbs per capita last year, much like its French and Italian counterparts. By comparison, the top-ten countries drank considerably more:

  • Finland – 21.8 lbs per capita
  • Sweden – 18.3 lbs per capita
  • Netherlands – 15.2 lbs per capita
  • Norway – 15.0 lbs per capita
  • Slovenia – 13.9 lbs per capita
  • Austria – 11.7 lbs per capita
  • German – 11.7 lbs per capita
  • Denmark – 11.2 lbs per capita
  • Brazil – 11.0 lbs per capita
  • Belgium – 10.6 lbs per capita

Drink up, it’s good for you

According to Business Insider reporters, coffee drinking is a good thing. They point to scientific claims that coffee boosts memory, improves mood, wakes us up, increases attention span, helps (some) medicine work faster, enhances athletic performance, decreases erectile dysfunction, is the most common psychoactive drug globally, protects against some diseases, may protect the liver and also protects the brain.

At EcoGo, we encourage you to enjoy your cuppa joes and consider placing coffee bean farms on your travel itineraries. Why not learn about the challenges of cultivating and handling the elixir today? The supply-chain could be improved, from rural coffee farmers to consumers everywhere.


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