South Florida: Agritourism at its Best

Healthy lifeJust a hop skip and a jump – about a half hour drive – south of the gilded enclave that is Coral Gables and the magnificent Matheson Hammock Park, is the thriving agricultural community of Homestead. This area makes a great getaway from big-city Miami and the South Beach sceneHomestead FL fruit stand with imaginative, naturally-filtered swimming pools at the Everglades Hostel & Tours, to a world class fruit and veggie stand, cleverly named Robert is Here. Who knew you could enjoy fresh dragonfruit, mango, durian and mamey, to eat there, take home, or -fantastic idea- enjoy in a made-on-the-spot smoothie or milkshake. Proprietor Robert is actually there, as is his book, Robert Is Here: Looking East For A Lifetime, an inspiration to the self-sufficient and agriculturally interested everywhere.

Nearby is Paradise Farms Organic, the brainchild of Gabriele Marewski, a thriving Bed and Breakfast, meeting center, dining-in-the-fields outpost, and a profitable micro greens enterprise.

Also worth the trip is Schnebly Winery and Brewery, the southernmost winery in the US. Their recently built winery and event center has become a crown jewel in the Homestead area. With the ingenious idea to combine traditional wine with tropical fruits, their table wines, sparkling, and dessert wines really make for an unparalleled experience. The Cat 2 Hurricane Red, a sangria style beverage and the Mango Dolce are both amazing treats. Their Boo-Boo wine is especially delicious, featuring starfruit and lychee in a stunning combination. The grounds are incredible and make use of the natural coral rock, which was once prevalent across South Florida but has become rare everywhere but Homestead.

So near and yet so far, an Agritourism excursion is a great addition to a South Florida vacation. It will transport you to an old forest state of mind.

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