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National Heirloom Expo

There are few places where cattle ranchers, home gardeners and rare-fruit aficionados, can mingle with world-renowned scientists and environmental visionaries and last week Santa Rosa,California was just such a place.. Whether it’s heirloom seeds or heritage breeds, genetic conservation was at the core of the fourth annual National Heirloom Exposition. 20,000 gardeners, farmers, environmentalists, students,…

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Our goal is to connect eco-travelers and ecotourism adventurers with the most complete collection of green hotels, ecolodges, and eco tours anywhere, while providing options to diminish and offset their travel carbon footprint. Find a green hotel for your next eco vacation, be inspired to take an eco-friendly adventure tour, or learn about how eco lodges and eco tourism is helping promote sustainable development. The website highlights the achievements of eco-properties around the world and highlights their successes in three key areas: Green Initiatives, Community Involvement, and Eco-Cultural Opportunities. Find the most complete listing of ecolodges in the world by searching our database of eco properties. More About Us