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EcoGo - The Service Companies - Sunset at hotel

Outsourcing hotel services, sustainably

For many hotels, it’s easier, more economical and greener to outsource cleaning services. In the United States, The Service Companies is a leading one-stop shop for over 400 hotel, casino and vacation ownership properties. The firm cleans more than 15 million hotel guest rooms annually! The Service Companies also has been acquiring specialists in cleaning and, most…

EcoGo- World Heritage UK - How to Promote Tourism at UK Sites

World Heritage UK group lifts up 29 sites

UK Heritage Sites To Visit In the United Kingdom, UNESCO has awarded World Heritage status to 26 sites spread through Scotland, Wales and England, plus another three sites far away. There’s an impressive breadth of sites, including natural wonders, ancient icons, medieval ruins and more recent cultural places. Begin your armchair travels here. Tourists and bucket-list…


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