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EcoGo - Acadia National Park - NPS

Seeking fresh air, land and water

Ahh, the pursuit of fresh air, land and water.  As the summer approaches, we appreciate warmer temperatures and longer days. Visitors flock to national, state and local parks or other natural destinations. Their ecosystems may be pristine or threatened. Many years ago, Americans united to learn about and support cleaner environments. The inaugural Earth Day took place…

EcoGo - Cob House - Thomas Hardy Birthplace - 6-2-15

Getting sustainable, cob style

Cob is one of the oldest styles of construction, and EcoGo covets its simple lines and thatched roofs. Check out English author Thomas Hardy’s birthplace (above), a classic example protected by the U.K- based National Trust. We love these Devon area cob homes! Introducing the cob Cob structures follow passive solar principles and get built with…


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