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EcoGo - Vocal Trash Performs

Singing and talking in the green

To older Baby Boomers, the sound track associated with environmental issues may contain mud splatters from the Woodstock Festival. Certainly green styles haven’t stood still over four-plus decades! We appreciate how green edu-tainment now seems less polemic and yet meaningful. Entertainers bring their own environmental priorities into performances. Check out a musical group, singer and podcast…

EcoGo - Bird Striking A Pose

Recommended readings for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Our annual, global celebration takes place on April 22nd. Many of us may be clearing trash, planting gardens or joining other group activities. We believe the day should also be spent contemplating how ecosystems work, change or even break down. Wendell Berry, an environmentalist, author and Kentucky farmer, recommends six books in honor of…


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